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front seats

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Hi all, just purchased a 56 plate nv200. Was wondering if i got hold of a pair of drivers seat adjustable rails, if i could fit them to the passenger seat ?
If so i may change the passenger seat to the folding type as well so i can fit longer materials in the back.
Any help would be much apreceated.
Yours Dave.:wink:
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Not as easy as that, search "swivel" on here for people fitting swivel plates (I know you are not) -but fitting the rails is a bit of a mare apparently
Thanks for your reply, in what way have you heard they are mare to fit ?
Im a plater welder / machinist by trade so some retro fitting is not a problem, just as long as i dont have to junk moost of the parts ive brought.
Yours Dave..
The rails on pax seat are fixed and not easy to remove. So not simply a case to unbolt (apparently).

In the next week or two I will be fitting 3rd party rails and a swivel plate, but will be doing so at a friends who is a hands-on engineer, so will have welding gear, plasma cutter and every size engineering nut n bolt. I'll take pics and blog.

But some people have pics on here which may help, but as yet, not taken the seat out yet!
Thanks for the info, hope all goes well.
Will follow how you go on.
Are the standard rails welded to the base frame ?
I ask because I do not pick the van up until the weekend...
Don't know - see above, not taken the seat out yet. Search this forum for swivel and you will see other people have detailed the process more - the answer is probably there if its anywhere. I believe, from memory, its bolted but inaccessible.
OK thanks for your help.
Yours Dave..
Just taken the pax seat out.
There are 4x 15mm bolts which hold the seat and an electric wire that connects to the seat but on mine at least isn't plugged in(!!!). I do have pax airbag so clearly that deploys regardless.
Under the seat there are 4 corner rails each held with 2x 10mm bolts. 3 each side come off with a 10mm ratchet spanner, 1 is a pain, 2 are easy.
These just undo.
The 2 "git" bolts which I've heard can't be reached, can, but you need a 10mm socket and extension bar, and "push" between the seat base and the plastic side trim. Feel with fingers, its v v tight but works. All 4 unbolt and the seat is then bare.
**IT APPEARS** as if the mounting holes are in the seat base for the rails same as drivers side. And there are enough holes in the seat frame to match up with most rails, if not easiliy drilled.
It also appears as if the swivel plate fitment will be easier than expected (famous last words lol!)
Watch this space....
My fold down passenger seat and drivers seat rails should be here tomorrow. So will have a play tomorrow night. Good to hear it's working out ?, keep us posted..
Hi, converted my new fold down passenger seat to work with the drivers seat rails, took about 2 hours. The drivers seat rails have 4 8mm threaded studs on each side but the passenger seat has 4 hole positions but only 3 match the rail. The missing stud hole centre line is right on the radius of a stiffening dimple. My way round it was to grind the stud off and use the remaining 6 studs to secure the rails. Not to everyone's taste but i can't see the rails falling off. The nuts on the frame were a bit awkward to get at, I used a long reach 3/8" ratchet and a 12/13mm ratchet spanner upside down. Drivers seat had 13mm headed lock nuts and the passenger seat had 12mm headed flange nuts.Also the rails have 2 rivet heads on each side so I drilled 4 ,13mm holes in the seat base (not base frame) to relieve the rivet heads. The rail then sits flush to bottom of the seat. The reason I have done this is because my passenger seat in the van does not recline or move forward (fixed) Still got to pick the van up yet lol...
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Will post pictures when I get chance
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