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Well I haven't caught it yet.....if that isn't tempting fate.....

Anyway, I'm in the process of sorting out new glow plugs. In order to make sure I could get mine out, I removed the plastic cover that sits on top of the engine under the turbo pipe (and contrary to popular opinion, the pig of a job of disconnecting the turbo pipe over the back of the engine needing to be removed to get the plastic cover off, doesn't need to be done - I found a simpler 'fitters' method which I can go over if you need...). So I removed the plastic cover so I could spray penetrating fluid over the plugs each night over several days (heard many stories of them snapping off). After the first night of heavy rain I realised the plastic cover isn't simply a waste of space thing for noise reduction and to make it look pretty - the head was sopping wet so that's obviously why it's there. But I still wanted to use the van each day, literally only very locally at under 20mph, so left it 'popped', but still on the safety catch, so that it was quick and easy to (1) spray the penetrant at night without fishing around for the key and (2) remove and replace a piece of hardboard I sat over the engine to stop it getting wet when not being used, between journeys.

After all that the new plugs I fitted, as listed by most motor factors and recommended on another site, were the wrong ones at 11v rating so I need to wait for 4.4v ones to arrive, which are what mine had in it. A weird setup as the output from the relay to the plug is definitely around 12v (which also added to me thinking the 11v ones must be correct), but they're only on at a cold start for about 2 secs so with a 4.4v rating someone must have done the maths!!

Hope you weren't after a quick answer russell
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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