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Glove box lid mod sours

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Hi there. I've found some images online of NV200 (pre 2013) aftermarket glove box lids but cannot find a source or stockist anywhere.

Anybody know where I can order one ?
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You should be able to get an OEM glove box lid through an online breaker yard. Granted, it's not an aftermarket unit, but it might meet your need if you are just looking to replace a damaged lid.
The pre 2013 NV200 glove box doesn't come with a lid.

Clearly someone makes a retrofit lid so I'm surprised no one's able to point me in the right direction ?
US or European?
I've not seen one on the Eurovan - but would be interested if available
the images I have found are for a left hand drive van. Im in the UK so was hoping I might find one that suits right hand. I'm guessing the lid is from another vehicle and the opener arms have been made or adapted.

It looks a very good finish and is a product being sold( as there's images of the full kit in packaged form ).I'm pretty handy so could make the openers and catch if I knew where a suitable match for fit and colour of the lid could be sourced.

Most grateful if anyone has any ideas !
Here in the US we don't get the same NV200 versions you do across the pond. Is this what you're looking for? When you use the link, scroll about 1/2 way down the page.


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Thanks but I've seen that one and it doesn't look good.

This is the one but it's for left hand drive and I need right hand drive. http://www.edithtao.com/b/Zhengzhou...of-board-store-content-box-cover/9203953.html

Should a right hand one not be available I'm sure another lid from a different make and model vehicle would be a good colour match and fit so I'm hoping someone's discovered this.
Currently they only make the ones for left hand drive. Right hand drive nv200 won't fit.
Please, I know it is an old thread but does someone wher to buy the left hand drive lid?
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