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I'm a newby on here. Got my van last September just to use as my car (tip runs etc) to keep the wife's mini clean, with the added ability to take a mattress in the back for the odd stay-over in summer if we go to gigs. Van's a bit rough around the edges in places (11plate, scratches, aircon n/w) but is a pretty good drive actually, and we lucked out as although it was registered as a 7seater, giving us the privacy rear glass and extra carpet panelling etc. it already has a full width rnr bed fitted, so has belts for 3 in the back but has a bed too:grin:. First trip away last month over the warm easter hol, and again this weekend just gone for a music fest and it has been quite comfy, with an attached driveaway we picked up on 'bay for £45 which'll do us fine for what we need.
Looking forward to seeing the chat and hints on here, piping in where I can.
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