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I’m thinking of buying a low-mileage NV200 to convert into a basic day-trip campervan.

The question is: can the center console on US vans, with the hanging file folder holder, be removed and replaced by an upholstered board to enable stepping through between the front seats, like in larger vans? Has anyone tried this? Would there be enough room?

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Old thread but this forum doesn't get much activity so I'll reply.
Console is easy to remove. But I don't think you'd fit a larger one in there.
1.Remove side covers from front of console under dash. First remove Philips head plastic clips(one on each side)
2.Pull e-brake(park brake)handle up then lift the rubber boot(surround) up starting at the rear, pull it off of the handle.
3.Slide seats forward all the way.
4.Remove 2 philips head screws from rear lower corners of console.
5.Remove remaining 2 philips head screws from cupholder and below e-brake cover.
6.Unplug electrical connections at front and rear of console.
7.Pull ebrake handle up as far as you can,lift rear of console and slide back.
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