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Hello from Austin, TX

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I bought a 2014 NV200 with 7,000 miles on the odometer in September 2015 to use as my daily driver, for hauling loads, and for weekend camping. I'm pleased with it so far and picked the NV200 over the Transit Connect because of the warranty and because my 2008 Nissan Versa is awesome.

The cargo bay comes in handy because I haul a lot of material, like soil, plants. compostable material, etc. I run a community garden in my neighborhood, I'm an organizer for Compost Coalition Austin, and like to make things out of junk, like chicken coops and yard art.

My plan is to slowly make a modular camping rig I can install for when I travel. It'll have to be easy enough to add for a weekend trip and remove for daily driving and hauling.

I'm enjoying this forum and look forward to sharing with you my NV200 experience.


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Welcome Joe. Your plan for a daily driver + hauler + camper is much like ours. I posted some pictures under "Minnesota camper" thread. Dinkums has posted pix of his professional conversion that looks really good. There are also some web page references here that you might find interesting

Keep posting your ideas and progress!
Hey Joe, we got a used 2013 in Marble Falls last year and have enjoyed the heck out of it, in particular for hauling shrubs & trees which otherwise get beat-up in the back of a pickup truck. It's also been great for transporting furniture we needed for our vacation home.

We have a Nissan Murano also and are big fans of the CVT. The downside? As a commercial van, it does not have a Homelink system and we have multiple automatic gates & garage door that would be nice to be able to control from the NV200.
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