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Hello from Manchester

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Hello All

just about to pull the trigger on a 2012 nv200. This will be for a bicycle business and also my daily driver.

Trying to make it look a bit cooler will be job one and I've already chosen some 17" alloys and hopefully a matte black wrap. However, the lack of cheaper lowering options is a pain, I'd love to take 40 or 50mm from the ride height but I'm not throwing over a grand at it for air ride.

I like these 1.5 dci motors and I am used to working on them: having run one from new on a 2008 Note that I did all the servicing on and it is now at 200k still going strong.

Found a nice one with 45k on the clock, grey and in SE Tek spec, so it has reverse camera and sat nav.

Found some interesting and useful stuff on here, just a shame nobody has done a budget lowering guide. I'll be looking into options for that pesky rear end suspension and really hope I can get it down.

Despite the obvious draw of transporters I am more than happy to buck the trend with a NV200, it will certainly be cheaper to own!

Looking forward to seeing what else is on the forum.
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