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My name is Claude. I am Canadian living in France and I have a Nissan Evalia 2014 Summer Edition Diesel 1.5 Dci. There is a picture in the gallery.

The diesel is running perfect with 5.5l/100 km. High torque and precise 6 speeds manual transmission with very nice and easy clutch.
Mercedez use that motorization in many of their cars.

The car would be perfect with rear independent suspension, disk brakes and 6 full independent seats. But for the price I paid, it's ok like that.

I replaced the front position bulbs with LED and Xenon type H2 & H4.

Now, I am looking for 4 new alloy wheels 15" to replace the 14".
I would like to move from 175/70 R14 to 195/70 R15.

Or else ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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