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Hi There. Ive had my wee van for 4 years now and have used it as a camper , a taxi , a mobile kennel , and everything in between.Ive done 70K so far and changed the oil and filters every 10K and its still running sweetly. Ive also had clear windows fitted to the sliding doors and a Flamma roof vent.this year I'l make and fit a cooker and sink unit,a rock and roll bed and line the van , and hopefully have a nice wee camper.I started off in the 70's with a split screen vw devon then a couple of bay windows then a couple of the type 3's I think (squarer lines but still rear engined ) . Eventually a Hymer 544 - a big fast machine , and now my NV200 which I bought for its economy , looks and always with a mind to convert ! :nerd:
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