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Hi to you all

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Hi Guys

I am new to this, getting a NV 200 12reg wish to make it into a campervan. don't know where to go. what I need and what's a good option to do.

looking to spend about £3000 and suggesting's please

Mr B
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Welcome aboard, Mr. B!

Can't help you on the camper conversion, but I'm sure someone will eventually chime in. Have you tried any internet searches on the subject?


Thanks for your reply, Just need someone that has been down that road to give me some I dear how you go about it.


Mr B
Welcome to the NV200 forums!
Welcome along Mr b, nice to see another new member.

There are a few lads who have converted to camper. One of the lads here has done it and posted pics just have a look at some of the older post's

On the other hand take a look at dinkum camper he has done the full on send the van off for conversion and has a great highly informative build blog found at:


Hope this helps

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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