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Horrible service

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Last week I went to the dealer for a routine oil change (Under plan coverage since new)
As I drove home after the oil change, I noticed a strong exhaust fume smell in the cabin. I attributed that to air pollution. When I got home, I noticed smoke billowing out from the hood seams. When I popped the hood, I saw oil spattered everywhere. They forgot to put the oil cap back on the engine. There was oil sprayed about the engine bay, alternator, lower control arms, undercarriage, and back of the van. I called the dealer all pissed off and they sent over a driver with oil and a loaner van. I asked them to take it back, pressure wash the whole thing, detail it and replace the hood liner as it was soaked with oil.
When the service advisor introduced me to the manager to offer apologies, I felt it was not sincere and more of him being busy to be interrupted by the service advisor over my issue. Needless to say, I will never return there again.

You can see the oil cap left on the windshield scuttle.

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Awful service

Thats really bad, terrible unacceptable service. Did they take it back, pressure wash the whole thing, detail it and replace the hood liner as you asked ?? My brother took his mercedes E320 in for service, they never fully tightened the sump plug and as a result, oil leaked, and stained, on to his block paved drive. When he complained, they sent a guy out, he cleaned it, and removed the oil stain, Later my brother checked, he was happy that the stain was gone, but complained that he now had a clean area on his drive which didn't match the rest, believe it or not they sent the guy out and he cleaned the whole lot !!
Yes, they did clean it up. They only cleaned the one half of the engine bay! I find it funny how people do not take strides in customer service these days. They also put armor-all tire shine in a heavy coat all over the tires. After a day of driving, the van sides are littered with black dots from the stuff flinging off and attracting dirt..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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