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How do I change transmission oil?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum.
Has anyone changed the transmission oil in the NV200?
My gearchange has become notchy and care has to be taken to make a clean gearchange. I have been told that the synthetic oil degrades and the synchromesh is not lubricated well enough to operate smoothly, hence the harsh change.
I have the recommended oil and located the drain plug easily but cannot find anyway to refill the gearbox.

Anyone any advice, please?
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gearbox oil change

No need for replies to this one - I have now sorted it.
The drain plus is the same type as the engine oil drain and found under the gearbox housing. The filler and level plug is a white plastic wing nut style plug found on the front of the gearbox near the joint between the bell housing and the gearbox about a third of the way up the gearbox casing . It is partly concealed by the two strengthening webs cast into the gearbox casing. To refill just fill with the recommended oil until the oil just starts to weep out of the filler plug hole.
I measured the oil taken out at 2 litres, and to refill took 2.25 litres. At four years old and 18500 miles the oil seemed quite clean, but the transmission had started to get a bit notchy. Not done any miles yet to see if the oil change has improved the gearchange.
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