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How to: disable automatic airco for window defog

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Typically I don't need the airco on to defog my windows. But the airco switches on automatically if you go to the defog setting.

To disable: remove the plastic frame around the gearbox lever.
Put a finger straight up into the gap, in the middle. Slowly move to the right untill you can feel an electric connector. (NOT the one directly behind the switch, mine was blank there)
The connector is where the pointer is on the lowest temperature setting.

Pul the plug. Best done with the airco on the "automatic" setting, so you can check that the airco light switches off. If it doesn't: put the plug back!

Worked well on the European version, 1.5 diesel.
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Great, thanks for the info. The auto air con is really irritating. I don't want it blowing icy air at me when the windows have fogged up mid winter, lol!
I did this on my UK spec nv200 , it's the connector to the right of the demister button (green / white cable) connector has another connector to the rear , blue / red wire. Undo 4 screws and push the unit back and upwards to make access easier , use a long thin screwdriver to undo plug connector. See photos attached


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I was thinking about this as I did a similar mod on my Transit.
However, the AC is to dehumidify and dry the screen quicker. My tranny had a heated screen so not needed.
Also, the AC does need to run regularly otherwise the seals dry out and you need to get it recharged. So thinking I'll leave this van alone and use this to let it run in the winter.

AC is "use it, or loose it!"
The automatic air con is a pain, but why don't you just press the off button and then you can have the best of both worlds.
Or am I reading your post wrong ?
It's annoying cos it comes on when the dials set at demist and when the rear defogger is on , if you turn ac off then turn car off and on , the ac is on automatically. Drains power plus cold air when you don't need it in cold weather. Hope that clears things up
Yep same as mine ( pain in the arse ), but have just got used to turning it off..
Does disconnecting the plug totally disable the air con or just the auto start up..
it only disables the auto start up, air con button works as normal
Ahh I understand now, good idea.
Will be doing the same.
Thanks for the reply....
Disconnected mine yesterday, thanks for the info.
On my UK 2015 NV200 you leave the female green and white wired block connector in place and remove the male blue and black wired connector from the back of it.
So on mine you have blue and black into the connector and green and white out up to the demister knob...
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