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NV200 1.5 SE DCI

Recently did a couple of electrical modification to my van and would like to share my experience,
I use both sat nav. and dash cam and was not happy with wires hanging down the dash, so decided to fit a twin USB. socket on the top centre of the dash board.
Be aware that the above accessories both require a 5 volt supply via USB. do not connect to 12v outlet with out USB. adaptor.
I purchased a double surface mounted USB. socket off ebay. The power supply was taken off the back of the 12V 10amp power socket on the centre console.
Fitting is straight forward. 'Refer to post how to remove radio' to gain access. to both inside of dash and power supply to existing 12v socket. Removal of the connector on the back of the existing power socket is tricky in that access is tight, but once disconnected there is enough slack to work with.
I cut the existing supply and fitted a screw type connector block to which the new supply to the USB. socket was taped into.
I now am able to run both accessories with out trailing wires.
Being off the power socket it also switches on and off with the ignition so sat nav. / camera come on automatically.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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