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May be of interest if you are a dog owner and intend to leave your dog in the back of your van with a side door left open but still wish to have the remaining doors locked. Having bought a 13 Reg. SE Van with solid bulk head I wanted the option of leaving my dog in the rear of the van with a side door open. ( I intend to fit an inner mesh security door). The fob operated central locking will not activate if one of the doors is open. However this can be over come very easily. Each door has a single pole plunger switch which is pressed in when the door is closed (switch off). When the door is open the plunger switch is released (switch on) and the open door alert is shown on the dash lcd display.
If the plunger switch is depressed by hand with the relevant door open the door is registered as closed and when the central locking is deployed all the remaining closed doors will lock as normal leaving the required door open. However when the switch is released the lcd display will indicate the door open. This can be over come by simply fitting an on/off switch to the single wire which connects to the back of the door plunger switch. With this switch braking the supply to the door switch the door is permanently seen as closed even when open and the central locking will operate as normal with no warning on the dash. Further should the open door be closed it can be reopened with the external handle with out the use of the remote key fob.
Hope this all makes sense.
We are now able to leave the van locked with the sliding door inconspicuously open and happy that the dog is comfortable ;)
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