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How To - Remove Centre Console

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Having bought a heavy duty air compressor I decided to fit a 50amp. socket in the back of the van fixed to the bulk head directly off the battery as the std. 10amp socket is not up to the job for such a heavy load.

For this length of cable run and load capacity the cable requirement is quite heavy. (Google to find suitable cable sizes for required load and cable length).
I ran both live and earth cables inside a plastic sleeve from the battery into the cabin through the centre console and in to the rear of the van. (I have steel bulk head).

(1.5 SE DCI) RH Drive -
I drilled a 25mm dia. hole through the firewall behind the battery and to the left of a large rubber grommet / gland for the existing cable harness to provide entry into the cabin. This location can be accessed from inside the van up behind the dash board.
From there I routed the cable across to the centre of the vehicle to the side of the radio and the vertically down into the floor console.
The radio has to be removed for access (refer to How To Remove Radio)

To allow the cable to follow the floor console it is necessary to remove the whole of the floor console and centre console box.

Start by removing the hinged console box lid fixed with two screws adjacent to the hinge. It lifts off but note there are two lugs which hook under the console tray.
Next remove the two screws revealed with the box lid open.
With these screw removed the upper section of the console box can be removed vertically. Note the rear is held with two spring clips (pull up).
The lower section of the console box can now be removed by first removing the two front fixing screws which also secure the rear of the tray, and then removing the two hex. bolts with in the box to the rear. (10mm socket).
The console box is now free to remove but before lifting it clear the USB. socket has to be disconnected.
The best way is to gently raise the front of the box to allow hand access and release the spring lugs to allow the whole socket to be removed forward to reveal the cable plug which can then be disconnected. Refer to photo for USB. socket fixing lug detail noting orientation of lugs.
Note 1: Because the UBS. socket sits under the console box fixing bracket the socket has to be removed before the box will lift clear.(See photo for bracket cable arrangement)
Note 2: The front edge of the console box is connected to the tray with a vertical friction connection. Lift the front of the box slightly and then knock down on the tray with a fist. This will free the front edge of the box. Do not force the tray up to high or you will damage the joint between the tray and cowl.

The next section to remove is the centre tray and the front cowl. These must be removed together as the tray is screwed to the front cowl and cannot be separated while still in place.as the screws are not accessible.
The cowl has two plastic fixing clips, one each side at the front. (lift centre pin and pull out clip).
Remove the ash tray to reveal two screws and remove. The cowl and tray can now be removed to the rear. Note the power socket cable will have to be disconnected from the socket.

Simple except the hand brake is in the way and prevents the removal so the hand brake plastic cowling has to be removed (all simple plastic clips).
With the hand brake fixing bracket exposed remove the four fixing nuts (on studs) and slide the hand brake assembly off the studs. The hand brake assembly can now be sprung out of the way and the console cowl and tray assembly can be removed.
Alternatively a seat could be removed to allow console removal instead of moving the hand brake.
Hope this high lights any pit falls.

The socket I fitted in the van is a 'Anderson' socket / plug. all cable holes have been fitted with a 25mm dia. blanking grommet hole punched to suit the cable. The battery connection is via a 50amp strip fuse fitted to an alloy angle bracket which is bolted to two existing studs conveniently just behind the battery.
Having read some ware not to connect an earth directly to the battery terminal I an connecting the earth cable to an existing earth post adjacent to the battery.


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I'm hoping to go a similar route without taking radio out (!).
Though not looked yet :)
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