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Door cards are easy as they are fiddly to remove. You will need a standard length flat head screw driver or panel popper/lever and a star driver.

Passenger side

Unscrew the single screw with the star driver in the pull handle. Once out, the plastic pocket needs to be pulled out firmly. This is because there is a metal bracket that runs around it giving it support when being pulled on to close the door. This will stop the door card being removed if not tackled first.

Pop the ‘C’ ring from around the door handle with a flat head and fingers.

Go around the door panel with the flat head starting from the bottom and pop the panel free. (See below image for pin locations

Remove wing mirror interior black plastic panel with fingers. (There are no screws.)

The top of the door panel is held on by a slight over lip that tucks between the glass window and the panel. Once all the panel pins are free, pull out from the bottom and up and with a little jiggling the panel should be free of the door.

Electric window button will still be attached by a short cable. Use a small flat head to pop the plug out of the bottom of the switch. The panel is now free.

The plastic sheet should be left intact with the top being glue free, this is there to allow rain/water that escapes the window seal to pass down the door and out at the bottom without soaking into the door card.

Drivers side

This is the same as above except for the electric window switches. These were/are a pain to remove. As you can see from the pics its almost impossible to get at the lugs that hold it in place but with your flat head screw driver and bit of force to pop it up and back (away from the door hinges) it should come out, you can then manipulate it back through the door panel (not un-plug the cable) to free it.


These do not need a fitting ring, a standard 6½" (17cm) speaker will fit in perfectly. Set speaker in place, mark mounting point, drill and screw.

Factory speaker cable is not marked pos/neg, nor is the plug. You can by a speaker cable adapter but it’s just as easy to cut the wire and crimp new plugs on. While it does not matter what way you connect the wires to the speaker, when wiring multiple speakers you do want them to be wired the same so as to match the polarity. i.e. you do not want one speaker ‘pushing’ while on the other side its ‘pulling’. You can either volt meter each ends of the wire, speaker/stereo OR wire the speakers up and use a polarity checker, there is a good app on play store.
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