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I have found the contributions to this forum most informative and decided to stop just lurking. I am contemplating a NV200 build here in Canada. Aside from my diesel envy, most of the Euro (and soon to be ex-Euro) posts fit well with my planning. If any of you have images or drafts of the undercarriage, they would be most appreciated. Photoshop "mirror reverse" would correct any right-hand drive images quite nicely. I am hoping to engineer a queen sized mattress into the build to keep my "Queen" enthusiastic about the lifestyle. Subsequently, anything I can fit below deck is beneficial. This will likely include a propex heater and any other components that will fit. Also, I will be planning external insulation and venting, possibly employing the topside pillars as conduits to the underdeck. No, I am not eliminating the roof fan. I will be happy to post my progress for your curiosities as things progress. Cheers. Arnold aka Jokerboy.
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