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I think this site is done...

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Good concept, but hardly any new, useful info, just spam...
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Spam and lots of ads but I still enjoy reading about NV200's
agreed Myke232

I'll try to work around the spam but its a huge problem, without a moderator to keep it on track. Hopefully the Autoguide group that owns it will care enough to fix it.
Hi all, I just received a note about the spam and I am going through it. The spammers are very frustrating -- we have several tools to try and stop them, but sometimes they still break through.

If any member of the forum would like to step up and become a moderator to help the community, please send me a PM.

We are always open to your constructive criticism and feedback. This forum is intended to be a helpful place for all NV200 owners.

Thanks for being a member of NV200Forum,


Founder of NV200Forum.com
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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