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I traded in my NV200 due to business expansion on an NV1500. I am located near Harrisburg PA and I have a fairly new set of aftermarket Konig wheels and tires (185 60 15) I got at the same time and the wheel spacers plus lug nuts to match for the NV200. These wheels and tires are lighter than the stock steel wheel setup, slightly less weight carrying capacity (I believe its 1200 per tire, I weighed my NV when I used these, it weighed 4600 loaded with my stuff) due to the tires, but they will increase your fuel economy as they are lighter in the wheels themselves, my mileage went up 3-4 MPG with these on the NV.

Also I have a set of America Cargo tires, the OEM ones with plenty of tread remaining for sale as well.

The 4 Konig wheels and tires (all four wheels and tires still practically new) are $300 complete set of four with the spacers, lugnuts and all. This is a great deal!

The OEM tires $100 for all four.

If anyone is interested I can be reached at [email protected], I will not ship them you must pick them up near Harrisburg PA.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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