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Ignition not firing intermittently

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Hi all after some help. Got a nissanNV200 7 seater 2013 1500 engine
3 occasions over last 2 years have pulled over after a jurney gone to re-start after a couple of mins and ignition just clicks.
I have locked and unlocked car several times thinking it was the imobaliser. And after 15 or so times last time it fired first turn of the key.
Yesterday it would not re-start after about 40mins bump started straight away drove home bout 5 mins and still wouldnt turn over. Got up smorning fired 1st turn of key any thing i need to check out.
Cheers stu
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Sounds like the starter motor packing up to me buddy.
Thanks for you response but it always starts in the morning or whenever it's been not used for a while I tend to think something is getting warm and causing the issue started every time last 2 days first turn.
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