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Insulation and lining

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Has anyone got any advise for me towards insulation of the van and lining it?

I am thinking of a aluminium bubble insulation like the stuff at b&q and then ply lining it . Then get a pro to come and felt line the top and sides..

Does anyone have any experience with insulating vans and if so what has and has not worked for you.

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Really late reply I know but I've only just joined the forum
Did you ever Insulate your van I'm in the middle of doing mine
I sound proofed everything with a single skin first (to prevent the tinny sound) then simple loft insulation where there was a void. I have now started carpet lining it
I will finally insulate and ply line the roof (ply will also be carpet lined)


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Normal loft insulation isn't recommended as it can absorb/retain water/condensation.
We will be using a combination of thermawrap silver bubble, non-absorbing fluffy stuff, and 7mm foam depeneding on where. Then ply/carpet line,
So many ways, no one answer.
However, what people do agree on is the need for a vapour barrier from the inside of the van to the metal. Not carpet and not just ply. So aluminium taped up etc. Especially important if you are making a campervan. That's the only thing self builders seem to agree on lol. Vans rust from the outside. Campervans rust from the inside.
We will be getting carpet/insulation from megavanmats (uk) and thermawap from amazon (cheapest). Would only go branded silver in case cheaper stuff falls apart or doesn't act as a vapour barrier
PS - interesting pics. The carpet we'll use is the mega stretch. If you are fully carpeting the door, the best tip I've heard so far is to use/bend tile edging around the inside to the rubber seal, and stick carpet up to that.

No side windows?
We are thinking of a midi heki rooflight which will be a challenge...
In the side door voides you've stuffed with wool, and the rear 1/4, we're planning on 7mm foam insulatin against metal, insulating (and framing) and making narrow shelves making use of the space for, say, books & ipod.
We'll have 2kw heater in the back so "top" insulation isn't needed
Would be interested to know what your plans are....
Link in my sig shows our plans (so far)

Really neat job with what you've done and I can see!
Another great input, (I am kind of winging it as I go along) thanks for your advise re the loft insulation. Anywhere I have put it so far I can still get to by removing the factory panels that I've carpet lined and fitted with fir tree fixings so I will keep my eye on it. I will not be using it for a camper van so won't be spending alot of time in it cooking, sleeping, at night etc. I'm simply doing it as a fishing van/every day commuting vehicle however as it is currently no room in the back for the kids so I will be fitting ply lining the floor and fitting a bathroom wet room flooring then adding two single seats, one next to each sliding door.
I am installing fixed side windows to each sliding door there in my garage waiting to go in on Monday. Interesting what you said about carpet lining the sliding door I was wondering where to carpet.upto etc to still ensure the seal is made. Would you have a link to the product you referred to
Thanks again

Above Should be a link to the sound dead mats I used which were really really effective, can highly recommend them
The carpet I am using, good thickness and stretchy that seems to hold its shape once stretched to/around something
Carpet looks the same type - probably different brand. As I'm spending quite a lot on the conversion, I'm buying known branded bits as I don't want to risk unknowns. If you are no using it as a camper you'll be okay I think. You mention seats - there are no rear mounting points in the van, there is in combi, so you need large spreader plates etc. Also belted seats. And, a they are your kids, you should consider crash tested seats. 2x singles will be more than 1x double. Search for VW crash tested seats and see what you can find.
We're having a "well made" rock n roll bed, same type of build as crash tested but not approved as we are having custom size that is infeasible to crash test. But it will be belted and braced and seldom used as a seat.
For insulation you can use "recycled bottle" insulation from B&Q - or http://www.megavanmats.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2494468 - I'd also use the silver foil (and tape) over where that is stuffed - but then I will be more moist than you.
For foam, I'm using http://www.megavanmats.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5404136
For lining carpet http://www.megavanmats.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4138904
My sig has the build plan - but very rough as we don't get the van till March. But have some bits stored already (all the electronics & hob etc)
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What size fan is that and who makes it? Just curious.
It's not actually a fan but the fitment is the same. It's made by fiama and exactly the same as the ones fitted in caravans.its about 350x350mm. Il double check the measurements when I finally get my van back from Nissan
It winds up by hand and has the fly screen installed
Creates very little noise when on the motorway as it seals very well when closed
Crash tested seats

Hi active campers
The seats I am looking to install are described as M1 and M2 crash test certified and when installed come with a certificate of conformity. I won't be doing this bit myself for obvious safety reasons although I'm pretty sure there just putting load plates either side of the floor and clamping them down. They also have built in seat belts
I'm having singles fitted next to each sliding door as both kids still require car seats so will be easier to load them in/out then my fishing rods can still slide down the middle of the seats


This listing states the crash test rating how does it compare to the vw ones you mentioned
Sounds about right.
I'm looking at a custom size version of https://www.vwrustylee.com/vw-t4-t5-beds/

I won't be getting certificate or have a crash tested one but I'm happy with how the seat is built and I will be installing it with sufficient bracing through floor. as I need custom size, I can't get crash tested anyway.... (unless I get a bespoke bed tested and then remade - which is unfeasible)

I will seldom take passengers (Last van, maybe 100m out of 70,000.)
In a big off - the van has no/little rear or rear side protection, rollover protection is limited, and there will be a fridge, gas, water, batteries all flying around - and whilst I'll install well, there are limits.

So yours look and sound good for your use
The camper conversion is much easier in the head than it will be when we actually try lol!
Its going to be one **** of a project..... Watch this space.
Liner for the US.

I see a lot of liner material in the UK, but I am looking for a US supplier. I have seen some references to Polymat (http://polymatcarpet.com/products/carpet) but wanted to what other people have used.
How did you insulate the doors and ceiling ? I insulated the walls in the exact way you did but added another vapor barrier over it as well.
Hi I insulated the doors in the same way as the pic attached however I'm keeping a close eye on it after sound advice from others on this post about condensation. I have considered a layer of vapour barrier but not done it as of yet as I want to be able to remove the loft insulation I have used to see if it's holding water. Not insulated the ceiling yet but am planning on using the insulation active comers recommended a few.posts above inbetween the roof cross member/supports then fit carpet lined ply to hold it in place.


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