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Hi, I'm installing some extra LED lighting in my 2012 NV200 and have come across a problem.

As you know, the interior light will come on when the door is opened and has a delay of perhaps 20 seconds (I haven't timed it) before it turns off after the door is shut. As it turns off, the light fades down and this is causing the LED's to flicker as the voltage is gradually reduced.

Essentially, what I want is to eliminate the fade down and instead instantly turn off after the delay. Is there any way to achieve this ? I'm guessing the delay/fade down is through a relay so I hoping to buy a replacement relay that still has a delay before turning off but no fade down. Incidentally, the fade up as they come on is a lot quicker so there's no flicker. If the fade down was as quick it would be fine.

Anybody have any ideas ? Is there a wiring diagram anyone can direct me to ?
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