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Just purchased a 2016 Nissan NV200 SV cargo van in brilliant Cayenne red metallic. Finally replaced a Nissan 1998 Frontier XE, also in brilliant Cayenne red metallic. Hoping to get the same fantastic reliability and longevity (176,000 miles) with the NV200.

My immediate goal is to find an aftermarket center console that stands about 8 inches taller, and has a standard top door.

So far (2 weeks) the van is great. It has just about every option offered by Nissan, including the lower side body moldings. They really set the van off.

Thanks for reading.
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Hi TVNP101. Congratulations, and I'm jealous of your van's color. To get a loaded van I had a choice of all colors, as long as they were white. :grin:
Enjoy it.. you will really like the way it handles. and carries things .. just change the oil.. it has 2 weeks on it you will be surprised on how dirty it is.
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