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This is so ridiculous, how could they even think this is fair for not only 1.) a citizen of the state 2.) a small business owner in the state 3.) a lot of small business owners. I bought the van for $23,470 in June of this year and have loved the van ever since. (It replaced my chevy express 1500) Well this morning I opened my excise tax bill and almost dropped to the floor. My glorious state has deemed the valuation of my 2014 Nissan NV200 to be :drumroll: $31,750 :eek: I now have to go to the RMV Monday and sort this out. I can't start to imagine all these NV200 owners getting this bill and some who just see the total and write the check. The valuation is 33% higher than I paid. Has anyone else had this evaluation happen to them with their NV200? Let me know folks


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