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Hi New member here in the UK with a Japanese imported Nissan E-NV200 van from 2016 with a 24kWh battery.

I'm currently having a problem with the lights as the LED front driving and rear lights stay on even when the light switch on the stalk is off. I'm pretty sure that this model doesn't have daytime running lights (DRL). My suspicion is that a lighting relay contact is fused closed and won't spring back open. Does anyone know where is the lighting relay?

There is some background to this problem. I noticed a while ago that the rear lights weren't working and I found a 10A fuse (F7 POS LAMPS l) in fuse box W2 had blown. I changed it and a few weeks later it blew again. I checked out the rear lamp and wiring and noticed that the rear LED light on the driver's side was much brighter than the passenger side one (as if the brake light was always on). I also noticed that the 12V battery flattens within a week if the van is not charged / used. When the 240V type 1 charger is plugged in the charging voltage is about 14.5V. The same fuse blew at night and I only had a 20A fuse at hand to get me home. Days later some dash errors came up, such as a battery symbol (the manual says that was a DC/DC converter error). I changed the wiring loom at the back of the rear driver's side light and the bright light problem went away, also the dash errors went away and now I'm just left with the lights staying on all the time. I also replaced the 12V battery as it failed when tested. I'm currently having to disconnect the 12V battery when the van is not being used.

Any suggestions or advice is most welcome.


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