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Magnaflow exhaust

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While I appreciate the extremely quiet sewing machine sounding exhaust of my NV I wanted a little bit of sound out of it without the regular annoying 4 cyl type exhaust. Chatted with an exhaust guy that does a lot of custom fab work and told him what I didn't want. He suggested cutting the 1 7/8" pipe just after the catalytic and going up to a 2 1/4" system to help deepen tone and reduce the bbbrrraaapppppp sound.
He recommended the Magnaflow straight through muffler and keep 2 1/4" inch pipe all the way back and eliminating the resonator chamber. Finished of with nice stainless turn down tip. Dropped appx 20lbs of weight.
The result is very nice. Just a bit louder at idle (deeper, more like a stock 6 cyl motor)
Acceleration has nice deep Vroooooooom Vroooooom at initial take off but quickly mellows out. Highway speeds prior had engine and front air noise prevalent over stock exhaust. Now there is a nice little rumble to match frontal noise but no drone.
0-60 times are basically identical ( maybe a little intact tract work next).
I'll track mpg to see if any gain there. It sounds faster :)
Overall very pleased with the sound as the ultra quietness is mind numbing. :).

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Hey thank you for your post. Could you please update your broken photo links?

Sorry. The links were closed. The van was totaled in an accident Aug 16
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