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Greeting from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After 24 years of burning up transmissions on service vans I did what I swear I would never do! Yes, I bought a 2015 NV200 one year ago...Mostly
because my last van, 2010 Ford Transit Connect was nothing more than a huge lemon. The CVT transmission in the Nissan intrigued me. I figured I
would give it a try. Honestly I love the transmission. Fully loaded this little van flys! Hoping to hit 200k before a transmission swap. We shall see....

Quick notes: General Vehicle condition...

Mileage to date: 28K (Dec 2015-Dec 2016)

Rear tires at 13K were trashed!!:mad: Rotate tires after that to compensate massive wear.. (yes, I read about the axles tonight...thank you Nissan NV200 Forum!!)

Running Castrol Edge Synthetic Oil with OEM filters with changes every 5k

Engine light when one a few times between 100 to 300 miles, 'Bad Ground' code. Eventually cleared itself up after a few more miles...Gulp!:surprise:

Vent/Air/condition selector switch cable broke at 19K

Drivers door inside door grab broke at 2K

That's it! I have to admit, I like this little van. It's so narrow I can get through any congested alley, parking lot, traffic jam, etc. The power is
always there when I need it...and I use it! I expect a lot from my vans and I drive them hard! In 10 Degree weather it runs from morning till night.
There hasn't been one parking structure or underground parking lot I haven't been able to get in and out of.

Ok, maybe one more thing that is a major pet peeve!!

The navigation unit will not display the ADDRESS of the destination once arriving to it. I always have to check my book, what's the house address again?? My Garmin displays all the destination information once arriving to it. Ya ya, I'm spoiled...and to think I use to use a paper map to get to
all my service calls once upon a time.

Great van! I hope my information is beneficial to other owners and maybe to Nissan as well.

Thank you,

Mike Mcnew, Owner


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