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Mud flaps

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Hi, has anyone in the UK fitted mud flaps to there NV200 ? Have been looking at genuine and pattern one's on the web, has anyone had experience with either ?
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I had the "protection pack" which includes them.
They are tiny!
I got the pack as, if drilled into metal, they are a rust issue. As it is, it looks like it was in plastic and I overpaid. Hey ho
I got some off aliexpress. Cost £16 for all four and that included postage. You can use the screws that are already there for the front. You do need to make a hole in the plastic for the rear. Looks just the same as the main dealers.
Excellent do they fit OK ?
£16!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
They fit great. I only used one bolt to fix front ones because that lined up with existing bolt in van. They are fixed well and don't move at all. Best £16 I have spent in ages (apart from seeing the new star wars film obviousley ). You do have to drill some holes in the edge of the bumper to fix the back ones but nothing major.
Correction. There were two bolts that lined up on the front mud flaps. I forgot about the ones underneath. I just didn't use one hole because it ment drilling a hole in the plastic wheel arch liner. They hold on fine without.
Sound thanks a lot for your reply's
@doh2doh , Thanks for the pointer to the £16 mudflaps.
Just ordered a pair.

Anyone found & fitted a centre armrest unit to a UK NV200 ?

Or rear bumper protector ?
Some of the nv200 come with a vented arm rest as standard. It lifts up and there is a USB socket under it. Try a scrap yard to get a second hand one. They also sell new ones on aliexpress but they are expensive.
The only arm rests I have seen fitted are on US NV200s, also you can buy a tall storage after market console for between the front seats from the US too..
My mud flaps just turned up :)
Theyre a bargain for £16

Not immediately obvious to me how to fit them.

Any chance you could post a photo or 2 of yours fitted ?

@doh2doh , Thanks for the pointer to the £16 mudflaps.
Just ordered a pair.
I have no idea how to post pictures. Front flaps just unscrew one screw holding plastic wheel arch covervthatblines up with hole in flap and undo bolt that is underneath that lines up with other hole in flap and just bolt flap on using existing screws. Back has some clips moulded to the flaps. These go around the edge of the bumper. Position flap using these clips than drill small holes for the screws that came with the flaps and screw away. The plastic bumper is very soft so don't drill the holes too big or over tighten. Takes less than half an hour and very easy.
Any chance of a link to the Aliexpress mud flaps vendor, as I can't find them . Thks.
US mud flaps and Rust!

I have the first Chevy version they made of the NV200, "Chevy express city", almost identical.
I used the full mud kit of mud flaps, heavy duty snow floor mats( clipped right in), plastic side molding, and rear bumper protector sold by Nissan . Whole package was about $130 US a couple of years ago.
Great value. Chevy in their wisdom did not offer them as an option! Duh!
The one thing I have noticed that needs attention is the sill in front of the doors get full of leaves. I think they come from the engine compartment over the wheel well. This could be a major rust issue. I've vacuumed then out but need to come up with a better plan they keep coming back as I can't get them all out.


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