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I love my little nv200 black van,had to travel all the way to Edinburgh to buy a black one two years ago.:smile:

I travel around the country in it every weekend with my traveling vintage wares.

This weekend the red warning engine light came on when in Norwich ,checked the oil and water and they are fine and it traveled back to Leicester without any problems ,took it to my local garage today and they did the diagnostic test which came back as undocumented codes which they cleared,was told if the light comes on again then I may have to take it to the main nissan dealer. :frown:

Due its second service in June .

Its done 33000 miles and I do look after it,just wondered if anyone out there had similar problems .

I have had to replace two tyres also.

thankyou for reading this .:wink:

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I've had the red engine light and all of a sudden power loss like no acceleration and then you let it drop and push your foot back down and its back.

Initially it was a low speeds that i was experiencing the problem and particularly on cold mornings less than 0 degrees.

I am a Engine Diagnostics guy so i understand cars fairly well

Initially i had the Fuel Pressure Regulator on the Fuel Rail off and i replaced it - this is a part that is not available individually from the main dealer however the part number crosses over with many other vehicles so eBay sold them brand new not too dear around £50-60.

Furthermore i replaced the glow plugs i found one to me looked like it wasn't fully functional - These all replaced and the fuel pressure regulator - i also replaced the Glow Plug Relay as this was also throwing a code cleared the codes van drove lovely.

More recently the engine management light come back not at low speed tends to be at the 60-80mph you accelerate and feel the van dropping off and then let the accelerator go and find the light goes out and then you can get back on the power.

Now i noticed this occurs more so when i've run it low on fuel then top it up and the fault occurs only for a short time.

Today I've replaced the Fuel Filter - you find these can give you a multitude of problems as they should be replaced alot more frequently than the Manufacturer recommends i'd say every 3rd service. Buy a good quality one. I have a feeling this could be part of the problem furthermore i think the EGR and Engine Temp Sensor could be at fault. I have cleaned the EGR Valve out however the engine temperature sensor plays an important role with the EGR providing it information if this momentarily faults this could cause the EGR to open/close at the wrong time.

I will come back and post an update to see how the New Fuel Filter plays i have a good 500 mile trip to blast out over the next week.
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