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I traded in my 2013 NV200 for a 2016 NV200 SV. Weird, no deals in 2013 so I paid almost list at around 24K with a 36k warranty. 2016, add the nav system, rear camera, 100k warranty, rear glass and I got it for 19.1k.
I made the dealer take my 16" Altima wheels off my 2013, put in the new 15" tpms sensors and put them on the 2016. This past week, I added the brush guard and Curt hitch. Carefully wired up the trailer lights neatly in the body channels. I had to cut out a little of the console behind the e-brake to fit my wheel chock to haul my motorcycle. I went online and found this cool wiring harness that simply plugs in between the radio and the standard harness with every speaker wire clearly marked. http://ae64.com/20-pincombinedharness.htm I simply cut the green and purple wires from the adapter and ran them through the console to the rear partition and added a pair of speakers, works perfectly with the radio rear fader.

http://s273.photobucket.com/user/ratguzzi/library/2016 NV200

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