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New campervan build about to start....

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Picked up van today, new Tekna 90, and first impressions are really quite good!
It came with an alarm (was £500, but was installed from factory so FoC), alloy wheel locking nuts which I wasn't expecting, but the Satnav has 2013 maps. I've spoken to them already so anyone else collecting one, check first!

Campervan build will cost c. 50% value of the van, so will have lots of toys.

Full build blog will be on http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/nv-200-self-build-campervan-index/ - so any problems and solutions I run in to will be documented there.

Here we go!!!

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Looking forward to following your conversion progress.
(Thanks for info re maps. Email has been sent.)
I've not had a response from mine yet!!! So get to the back of the queue!!!
Having seen this a while back ..

.. I doubled checked with FJC what date the Tekna maps would be.
I was told 2015.

I cant imagine mine will be any different to yours :/
But at least they have until the weekend to sort it.
Did you specify the mesh behind seats?
Think I'm expecting a solid bulkhead with a window.
Looking at yours, maybe I should have gone for mesh too.
The mesh bulkhead was part of the versatility pack, that included the mesh bulkhead and a fold-flat passenger seat. (£150)

I'm hoping to flog the bulkhead on ebay for at least that cost :)
Mine had a full metal bulkhead with view window, it came in two parts removal was not an issue, however the spot welded angel supports on the door post are a pain, I wont try and drill out the spot weld as they will be very hard, planning to saw cut off the outer angle leg and file smooth, paint the cut area and will cover with lining.

I'm planning on putting a hacksaw blade (or multitool) between the angle supports and cutting the welds, then rust proofing and covering with lining.

My bulkhead was in 3 bits, but 2 bolts had no head - seemed to be solid (and silver, not black). Had to drill a hole in then and use a screw remover!!!! Gits.

Will list on ebay!
I thought about cutting behind the angle but the hack saw blade will also cut in to the post so have decided to cut off the outside leg only, hopefully the lining will hide the 2mm bar left behind.

Just removed the offside.
Hacksaw & multitool didn't touch it.
Only way was to centre punch each spot weld, drill a small hole, then use a bigger metal drill bit till it almost goes through, then old chisel/hammer from OS to in (on the angle, not the frame). That then pops it.
<1hr for one side with lots of swearing.
Comes off fairly clean to be honest, probably quicker and neater than hacksawing the edge.
I'll upload pictures/guide to my build blog at the weekend.

Towbar arrived in the post today too :)
2nd side took 15-20 mins. Amazing how much quicker it goes when you know what to do!
So check my blog on Monday for pics and guide
Hopefully things will be more straight forward now that its out :)

Is there a way to subscribe to the blog, to get notifications of updates ?
Dunno. Its wordpress so probably :)
Just look lol

PS - side opening windows arrived today. Perfect!
What size of drill did you use to remove the angle brackets?

Look forward to seeing the pictures.

Its all detailed in my blog - and that's the only place I'll put pics/detail as its linked from many places

There will be all the jobs on there and I won't be posting specifics here or any forum (just "big" updates)

Hope that's enough info for you
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