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New owner in UK

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Hi all!
Collected yesterday a 2014 NV200 Kombi.
7 Seat with 26k on the clock.
So far only drove it back from the dealer for 110 miles and was very pleasant on the motorway at 75mph.
Cruise control great
iPod connector works with Spotify.
Seats comfy.

Fitted my double mattress in the back and all works for stealth camping.
Surfboards fit in the back.

Missus is making some curtains for the rear windows for night time.

Looking to get some 16” 205 55 Mitsubishi Colt alloys from eBay with some decent tyres as the 14” keep spinning out of t junctions.

So far pretty pleased with it compared with Audi A4 estate that this replaced.

Clutch is a bit heavy so not sure if there is an issue or this is normal.

This is 110ps 6 speed version.


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