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I have recently bought a NV20 van to replace my reallly good Transit Connect (LWB high roof, 2005 plas several miles). I wanted to downsize and found it very difficult to find a comparable size vehicle-in fact I couldn't. This one came up and 5 year warranty and as we had a Juke seemd a logical selection. Had some teething issues with battery and alarm-see othe posts, but in general am pleased. Have yet to run it loaded. Noticed the leaf springs are not that heavy so probably won't be able to carry as much as before. I noticed a pull-out tray in the passenger's glove box in the manual/promo booklet, which wasn't there. Have made enquiries and given part number but still have not had anything back from the dealership. I also purchased a central consule for between the seats and noticed there is a lighter and USB socket. Does anyone know if the cables are already on the central loom running between the seats or if they are only on specific models?
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