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Newbie nv200 fanboy

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Just joined, so thought that I had better say Hi.

Bought my 12plate 1.5tdi 7 months ago with 11k miles on the clock, and have since added another 10k. This is my daily driver for domestic use. In my spare time I'm a mountain biker and mtb trail builder, so its main purpose is lugging muddy bikes and tools around. Brilliant little van that serves my needs perfectly. I love it! At some point will insulate and add some ventilation, and maybe try do something to improve the fuel ecconomy

Usually do my own servicing/maintenance. Not a huge wealth of info out there for this van yet, so hopefully this forum prove very useful in this respect.

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Welcome flipper and thanks for introducing yourself.

We have some great members here and we are building a nice community for this van, even though the community is small for now.
Welcome aboard Flipper!

There is alot of stuff I'd like to do on my van such as adding fog lights that the Euro vans have. Eventually these vans will become more popular here in the states. Until then, I await patiently!
Hi Flipper, and another UK owner! Welcome dude, good to hear the NV operating well in the MTB world. HT Kona rider in this corner sadly seems like I have been podging right up over Christmas!

I imagined the NV would suit this type of use so well, I am waiting for the day/surf bus lads to join the party but its going to be a hard draw them away from the trusty VW.....

Once again welcome aboard and you will be surprised how much knowledge you will bring to the board! Self maintenance experience is a winner!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I will post up anything of interest as it happens (van has been 100% reliable so far)

First set of replacement tyres going on tomorrow- continental vanco winter2
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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