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Night Temperature-30c...

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and next day in the afternoon-25c,trying to get my Nissan running with oil pan heater connected over 3hours(sad but true,impossible to put good old block heater in these modern cars..)well,3times must try to start diesel and its just hardly get running and give nice smoke+mechanical sound...not good any cars this kind of temperatures:crying:
Oil pan heaters are big joke,same if you put hot iron against oil pan in windy open place near icecold ground.
No other problems driving in road,but i saw that many has problems with they cars,must have mask cover here in winter.
Self made,from Nissan dealer or no cover att all,your choise.
Give more warm from heater and engine gets to its normal working temperature sooner.
Yes,there is one problem: 2rear doors and gargo area side door are "sealed",too cold to open,too cold for locks in car that Made in Spain.
Hope they starting working before summer...
So welcome to Finland where is colder now than in your:-/ Freezer

Hope you understand,sorry about my bad English.
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