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Nissan connect

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Can anyone help me ? My Samsung S4 mobile phone wont connect to the Nissan Connect System in my NV 200, Tried loads of times, seems to be
some issues, I have googled it but cant find a solution, so giving it a try on here, any help appreciated..?
Its the only downside, other wise the vehicle is awesome.:frown:
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Can nobody help me then ?
My best advice would be to try the dealer. Also, I think the North American market has a slightly different head unit.
Thanks Guys -
Sorted it now, Had to do a Factory Reset on my Samsung S4, and its
connected fine now.... Although I took a full back up and was very careful
I lost some contacts and had to reinstall most apps - Pain in the A** but
at least I got it working now.
Ya wouldn't have that issue with an Apple product >:D

Just kidding!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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