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A million thanks to doyourdream and sygooner for pictures and advice and blogs and inspiration. Mine is finally ready!!!

I'm based in the North West. A summary of how I did it:
Vanpimps windows. A friend fitted them and removed the bulkhead.
Liverpool campervan conversions lined it for me.
Streamline Autobeds (Wolverhamption) made the rock and roll bed and fitted it for me in under an hour.
Back to Liverpool campervan conversions for fitting units and smallest sink/hob known to man (which were from Jacksons leisure and rainbow conversions respectively)
Then to the ever knowledgeable Karl at BAES Wigan for electrics and seat swivel.

Couldn't fit in a fridge, so got an Aldi 12v coolbox, so far so good.

Got some T4 thermal blinds which just about fit.

Job's a good 'un. It's a pleasure to drive, great MPG, got the 105cm bed so sleeps two comfortably (and a dog!) ...now just got to get a scrap air conditioner from a NV combi...go for the combi version people!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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