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nv or caddy

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heh guys
so i'm new to the forum and i was hoping you could help me out.
i'm looking at buying a van in the near future, and have about 5k to spend but obviously would rather spend nearer 4k so i have cash to change a few things.
i am really stuck between a nv200 and a caddy maxi, i want to use the van for commuting to work and triathlons so it will be taking a couple of road bikes in the back plus loads of equipment, i live on the isle of wight so no regular motorway driving although i will need the van for races on the mainland occasionally and also have three trips to Europe booked, for races next season, so need the van to purr along at 80mph.
i was all set to buy a nv and then started to read about small wheels, expensive tyres, hardly any alloy options and lack of lowering options.
somebody please convince me that the nv200 is the van form me.
thanks in advance
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I've only just bought my NV200 (7 seater but the seats have been removed to convert to a small camper) and my dad has a Caddy, although I've never driven it.
Yes, small wheels but I'm more likely to want to raise the drive height for more clearance rather than lower. From what I remember of the Caddy, everything is lower - the seating (more like a car) and the roof. Also, the load space was shorter in the Caddy - reason I didn't get one was too short for me to lie down, wheras I can easily in the NV200.
One reason to go for a Caddy - more people seem to have them and so spare parts should be easier to get hold of, and support forums and user groups might actually have some life in them!
thanks for the reply, i have decided im going for the nv, just got to find one close enough to me and cheap enough for me
I use mine as speedway transport,the bike and loads of gear fit in with room to spare. It is a seven seater and i have taken out three of them still leaving the possibility of four seats.
still get your bike in there with five seats?
Another difference between the 2 that I only noticed whilst stuck behind a caddy in traffic yesterday - the NV walls at the back are closer to vertical whilst the caddy walls slope inwards (possibly on a slight curve) towards the top. Not sure if they'll all the same.
Hi - I have both a Caddy maxi and an NV200 - I like them both. Caddy TD 1.9 is quieter, much more refined (its DSG ) and has a great std stereo system. The NV200 is a basic van, and as such is noisier on the road- but its comfortable and the 1.6 petrol motors are great - the really go well. Plenty of power for passing - mine is a 5 spd - I drove an auto and hated it - the gear ratios were awful on the auto ...so depends what you are looking for - we just did 1000k trip in the NV200 last weekend and it was great . Mind you I have ditched the puny 14" tin wheels for a set of 15: alloys with 205 tyres - much more stable . Drive both and see what suits you best
Grant NZ
( we dont have the diesel NV200's here -they are 1.6 petrol - but I brought my Caddy in from England to get the 2ltr diesel motor - her ein NZ most are 1.2 or 1.4 petrol motors in Caddys...
PS - alloy wheels are easy to get for NV200's - they use the same wheels as cars such as Nissan Tida and others
I got a set easily .
thanks guys
still get your bike in there with five seats?
No,seats 6&7 removed,double seat folded down and single seat removed. The bike can then go best with the rear wheel just short of the drivers seat.
bought a caddy maxi, thanks anyway guys.
see yah :)
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