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nv or vw

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posted this in general discussion to no avail so im trying again in the uk thread.

heh guys
so i'm new to the forum and i was hoping you could help me out.
i'm looking at buying a van in the near future, and have about 5k to spend but obviously would rather spend nearer 4k so i have cash to change a few things.
i am really stuck between a nv200 and a caddy maxi, i want to use the van for commuting to work and triathlons so it will be taking a couple of road bikes in the back plus loads of equipment, i live on the isle of wight so no regular motorway driving although i will need the van for races on the mainland occasionally and also have three trips to Europe booked, for races next season, so need the van to purr along at 80mph.
i was all set to buy a nv and then started to read about small wheels, expensive tyres, hardly any alloy options and lack of lowering options.
somebody please convince me that the nv200 is the van form me.
thanks in advance
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I replied on your other thread - I have both ..
I was in the same boat. Tried both and bought NV200.
Lots more space and drives great on the motorway. (6 speed 110bhp model)

Caddy is much lower and essentially is blown up Golf.
If your looking for something to play around,. Go for the Caddy. So many easy parts to get hold of and cheaper too
That's if you like being a VW �� lol. Plus there is no real comparison between to two
Good luck
I personally would go VW. I’ve had nothing but problems with my NV200
Go with the Nissan . I was stuck with the VW brand about 40 years.Had 4 different vw vans. As time went by ,the value and cost didn't outweigh the cool factor and they frankly became a pain in the xyz ; you name it. SO happy with my NV200. Just works ,gets good milage ,has great mechanical support and won't break the bank. Drives well too. And mine is red so not hard to find in parking lot. Hauls bikes and surfboards.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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