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Remove the large plastic cover under the engine/gearbox (six 10mm head bolts and three plastic inserts).
Locate the gearbox drain plug under the centre of the gearbox towards the rear. It looks the same as the engine drain plug and uses the same square tool to remove it.
Remove the gearbox drain plug and drain the old gearbox oil into a drip tray (at least two litres capacity). Replace the gearbox drain plug when the old oil has stopped dripping. Tighten the gearbox drain plug, but be careful not to overtighten and strip the threads - you are tightening into the aluminium gearbox case.
Locate the gearbox oil filler/level plug (white plastic wing nut) on the front of the gearbox about one third of the way up from the bottom, near the joint of the clutch housing and gearbox case. It is partially obscured by two alloy strengthening webs and can be seen more easily from below. Remove the filler/level plug (easy from below by hand).
To refill the gearbox, with the recommended oil, I used 1 metre of 12mm i.d. tube (flexible garden hose) from above the engine compartment, threaded behind the radiator and into the filler hole. The oil I bought had plastic nozzles in the caps which fitted the bore of the tube so I simply poured the oil down the tube and into the gearbox, until the oil just started to weep from the filler hole on the side of the gearbox, with the NV200 on level ground. When the oil weeps from the filler hole, the gearbox has the correct quantity of oil, so then replace the plastic filler/level plug, clean away any spilt oil and replace the plastic cover under the engine/gearbox.
I removed 2 litres of gearbox oil from my NV200 1.5 diesel, and it took 2.25 litres to refill the gearbox.
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