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Hello everyone,new member and sorry about my bad English..hope you understand:wink:
First Nissan Van,my old Van(Ford Transit T260)and its 160tkm was too much,broken all time this summer....Hope this car quality is better.
Just bought NV and 90tkm driven from first owner.
Must ask:Have you got timing belt problems(dont like those belts inside engine..)and Finland very cold place,so chain much better in cold climate/to cold engines+needs less service/save money+nerves.
Any other problems with that diesel or transmission?
Have changed new engine oil+filter,new brake fluids but i think coolant fluid is next to change and fuel filter ..maybe new generator belt,because the first owner(old,stingy"do it yourself man")have done nothing than oil+filter changes(service book empty from Nissan service stamps).
I called him and yes,he have serviced it hiself...maybe, maybe not.
New car but get not serviced it=No new car 3years guarantee by Nissan..Gambling man sure.
One more question:How you have opened rear brake drums(want check shoes etc).Very tight,must i first roll shoes more inside from that "crown ,rubber plugged hole" or what?
In Transit that was very simple,put screw driver in drum gap+slowly get heavy iron drum out.
Thank You:laugh:
Dont want broke nothing so must ask if there is some tricks..?

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And more thinking:gearbox oil changing at 100tkm(=now)and no undercoating att all!!(welcome rust),must do something before its too late+add something "thick"stuff to wheelwalls=too much noise on roads to my taste(not very good place to save Nissan on so new modell)
Roads are not "like velvet"here,more or less holes,bad coatings,trails-grooves-slots...maybe its ok if you drive in USA,Germany,France or Sweden...
I found 1 problem:Electric window on right side moves only down if you use drivers side control panel,not up,so you must use other side panel if you want get it up.
Because car is so narrow its ok,but something wrong in switch.
First owner never use it that way,only drivers side window up/down, so he though that it has never works that way...???
Who knows,maybe there are no cables att all...Siesta time in Barcelona factory,hot or lunch and no quality inspectror..

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Talking to myself...well thats ok..maybe this is more" tuning forum "and iam too old...
Just changed gear box oil yesterday and that was easy job.Only problem is that plastic all over engine bay,dont like that kind of style att all..Why plastic inside,outside and under car..yeah its cheap but safety..No and durability..heh=)
Door handles, or engine covers under car etc "disposable items"in winter or after few years...
Old Gearbox oli was grey and old looking,this new Valvoline GL-5 75W-80 and after that shifting was different.
Like new gearbox in new car,exact!
New fuel filter next and i think after that is safety to go Nissan Service and they can change new timing belt,waterpump etc so i can sleep better.
Same time they can put new cooling liquid and new genarator belt.
Nice car to drive but not VAN,small and more like a bigger STW,noisy(road noise)+too small tyre size(looking like toy car).

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Hi Xerxes,

Sorry if you appear to be taking to yourself, sadly no one has popped up with any answers, sadly I cant help you either, but I enjoyed reading your post, did you manage to remove the rear brake drums ? That guy, the first owner seems to have neglected your Van quite a bit. I have the NV200 Combi with 7 seats, Six speed, 110bhp model, I have owned it for the past year and a half with no problems and get 41mpg which I am happy with. I agree about the wheels, seem to small, and the Nissan service seems too expensive £375 for 2nd year service - Robbery, I asked what they do but the Lady did not know. Apart from that I am happy with my NV200.

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Hello Active8!
Iam not alone here....
Yes,Nissan is nice,little "Van" and not too expensive if you want quite new car and dont want to have bigger van with 150-200tkm in gauge.
Sure those go like "a truck" and you are like "trucker" in large cabinet above normal personal cars and big diesel rolling on a highway=)
You got also more problems,kilometers/miles left they marks(need parts+service) and of course those took more diesel fuel because big is also heavy.
No,sorry must get more time(or passion..) with rear drum brake speculations,maybe its just tight and must put screw driver inside drum and rolling that crown so that drum shoes go more in and left more space to get drum out.
Because this is not company or work car,only private use to me,its ok with less space/low diesel fuel costs and i must get little weight/stomach down if this is too small cabinet to me...after Transit this is small ,narrow and has 50cm shorter stick=)
You have NV200 Combi,never seen that kind of NV here,only those 2 seat version Vans and 90%white.
I think those little wheels are because this in more"Town Van"and in narrow streets-lanes its ok if you have more space but small wheels, on countryside or in long distances,those funny small wheels(or tyres)are not so good.
Hey,Thank You for your comments,all good to you and your NV+Sorry again my" little bad English"(hope you and others understand)
Of course i can write here by Finnish or Swedish,but..hmmm...i think then nobody understand nothing!

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Latest news:Spraying motor oil bottom of car,inside joists/beams(opening those rubber plugs) and all over where i can get,inside doors etc but of course not to brakes!
Old idea,maybe not as good as those modern undercoatings but its safety to mix with all other undercoatings in your car,cheap,quick and if you do it..well..maybe every 2-3rd year i think thats much better than do nothing.
Other way is buy new car,drive with all those rust as long as you can and repair or go to somewhere where they do undercoatings with those moders chemicals.
If you live dry warm climate area,thats nice to you and your car and no rust never,but here in Finland..snow,salt,bad roads,rain,cold-long winter etc and they dont put undercoatings in new cars anymore because its expensive..so rust,rust and more rust after a few years.
Stupid place to save!

New fuel filter arrived from UK(with shipping costs its still cheaper than here)and "plug and play"that Fram P10535,just like original Nissan filter,easy to install.

Next is that timing belt,water pump,generator belt changing,cant do it myself and must get time to service and thats about 600e!
If Nissan-Renault 1,5dci would have chain like real engines,i can use that 600e to other things in my life and sleep better with that kind of better built engine.
Very expensive noise if that belt jump or broken....

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And of course:Be careful with that oil!!
Cover under car( that leaking oil not get to ground to destroy water,sand etc)when you spraying+maybe couple hours after that because all spraying oil dont want stay up there.
If you want,you can use food oil,mix it with motor oil or just motor oil.
Food oil is safety,also cheap and easy to spray+works fine!

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One problem fixed!
After Ford Transit and its nice armrest this NV200 cabinet with no armrest,only stupid hole and strange console system,but no place to hold your arm,i ordered from Ebay universal armrest with low price(about 30euro total).
Well,that arrived and nice looking(of course China made..)..but,but...those parts under that armrest which hold that in right position/level+connected to that armrest, was totally junk metal from beer can etc and in NV that original console is not middle of seat tunnel like most car has(too far from driver ,right side of handbrake)so must made my own systems/fasteners to install it right to my taste and so that i can look at it without laughing+crying to look at it.
That Armrests factory outlook if i had installed it "right"..well..horrible and very home made looking.
Found piece of metal from shelf(L looking)and drilling holes that i can put it under that armrest piece by screws,then drill one big hole down to that metal piece,opened big safety belt bolt from drivers seat and put that L system under that bolt,bolt back tight and thats it!
Now i have right colour(grey)armrest,like factory made to look,easy to install,cheap and much better to my arm,enjoy,just like in my ex-Transit.

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So,summer is nearly over here in North..wet,wet and wet..and original Dunlop SP tyres are worn,maybe 3-4mm left max,94tkm in gauge and dangerous drive over 80kmh if raining...you know.
Must bought new summer tyres(yes,we must have also winter tyres here)and you think this silly 14"tyresize is easy+cheap?
Well,earlier it was,but now nearly all cars have bigger 15-16-17"tyres and cheapest tyre i found was Pirelli 175-70 R14C 95T Carrier.
I live in town but they must ordered this because nobody asking those anymore and not in Van,thats sure!
350e under car,i mean drive car in,they took old tyres out ,put new in and balanced.Hope you understand and sorry again my English!
I know that many put personal car tyres in van but even if those max weight per axle is ok,those tyres are not meant to use in vans.
Some put bigger 15"low profile tyres in NV200,but then you lost all that comfort what NV gives you with 14"tyres.
Yes,not much comfort even 14"tyres....roadnoisy car.
Best way also to destroy your ball joints and tie rod ends is also to put bigger lowprofile wheels and you also destroy you new tyres soon if you dont check+adjust wheel alignment when you put under those bigger/wider"wrong size"lowprofile tyres..
Wheel alignment are not stay same then!
Hmmm..first miles/kilometres driven and those tyres are not so noisy as my old Dunlops.
Well,new tyres vs old worn tyres is not right way to compare.:|

Hey you who lives in cold climate area,are NV200 how cold in winter,have you got webasto etc or use any tricks?
I think not very warm air coming from heater and now here are about +10-+15c and in winter maybe max -25c so am i freezing to my NV in winter with no webasto?
Must put something,like piece of box, front of cooler in winter,like old days.:smile:

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Back here again and i think nobody even read what iam writing but who tells to me i must write here...nobody!
Just drove 550km trip and back=1100km in 2days so first longer driving session with my NV200.
All kind of speeds from city driving to 300km motorway "stretch"(100-130kmh..)and everything between those,normal speed 80-100kmh.
It took Diesel fuel about 5,5l/100km,not much (in my opinion).
New tires were good to drive and much quieter than old ones.
Seats are not "worlds best",but of course it depends what kind of people you are..long/short,big,small,fat,have bad back etc.
That electric power steering is..hmm..little like in good old USA cars back then but in long distance driving it is not so easy and light as a feather as in those old USA cars.
Must adjust all time,even if you drive " head of your fingers"or take good hold.
Otherwise very satisfied to my little red van,it works fine.

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Hi again Xerxes,

Hope you and your NV200 are doing ok, Sorry no one has replied to your threads, probably I am the only reader, anyway I find them very
interesting, and I can understand your english fine, it is very good and 100 times better than my Finnish ! How old is your Van, Have you
had any problems ? Did You get the drums off, and fix the Passenger window ? I would like to see some pictures of the armrest you fitted.
If my maths is right you got 5.5Ltr/100km is about 60mpg so that is very good. I manage about 40mpg around town / short distances.
I agree, they are not the most comfortable vehicles, but mine suits me, being a combo I have 8 seats including driver, so I can use it for Family
and work and commute, wish it was a bit smoother and quieter though. Cant have everything I suppose...

Take care, hope someone else chimes in on your Threads soon...

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Hello Active8 and thank you that there are at least 1 person who read my text:grin:
NV200 and I,just fine both,thank you for your asking.
I took photos of that armrest this weekend and put it here,ok?
My van is 2010 model and there are 95km in gauge now.
No,must take time with that drum and there are no problem in rear brakes,only curious and like to look inside+see condition of those brake shoes and cleaning that drum inside.
You know,old car man.Must see "what car has eaten",heh.
There is winter coming here,so its soon too cold to just "for hobby" sitting outside garage and looking what kind of parts NV is made of,maybe when changing winter tyres to summer tyres at spring.
Must put those winter tyres next week....
Passenger side window did not work if you use drivers side panel,only going down,not up.
So,you must use passenger side button if you want window up,luckily NV is so narrow that its easy ,but i think thats not what its should be.
I took that button off from drivers door,but it is looking ok,all cables are there and not broken wires etc,well maybe the problem in inside that switch or between those door cables etc..??
I dont think that problem is so important to me that i bought new switch(£$) or goes to Nissan service because mostly i drive alone and air cond on,so only drivers side window is important and passenger can use his/her own button whitch works fine.
Yes,you are right that this is not the most comfortable van i have had,but must say those were bigger,real vans(iam 100kg man..) and bigger personal cars we use in our family(i dont like very small cars,unsafety and like sardines in can feeling)are sure much nicer to drive long distance trips.
This is good if you drive in city-area and shorter lines,but noisy and narrow with silly looking,too small tyres in my opinion.
Good weekend to you all,I"ll be back with those armrest photos:wink:

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Back again with pictures of that "self made"armrest,well China made from Ebay but its universal model and not fit right to NV because of that NV consol whitch is not in the middle of between those seats(too far from drivers arm)if you try install it like manual says.
Other thing is i dont like to look that ugly underside of that universal armrest,same system all what i found from Ebay.
So,i took upper part of that armrest and made myself that underside from "junk ironpiece"(this is from shelf,looking L)
You must know how high you want that armrest,because this system have only one level=longer piece of L metal to higher and otherway.
Because original seat has no place to put it and there are no original NV armrest in dealers to buy or in option list(or are there?)i installed that L under safety belts bolt and other end of that piece of metal i fit top of that armrest(sorry my bad English,very difficult to tell this kind of repairing storyes..)
Well,put as tought iron you can,more thickness thats better,because arm is quite heavy and very weak metalpiece is useless...
Thare are several other ways to put this,use your head and looking what kind of metalpieces you have in your garage to made this!
So,here are photos,hope you "get the idea"and can think yourself the rest what you cant see from these bad pictures.
Today,after that great Australian MotoGP race in TV,i took summertyres out and put wintertyres to NV,long winter can come and must done that kind of tyre and other repairs outside garage,because i have too small garage(you know..always) and it is full of tools+my old hobby vehicles.
Ok,have a nice week there and get armrest "made in China"to you NV cheap from Ebay or your local market.
I try but If you cant see those photos here,try to put those My Garage:laugh::laugh:


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Thank You tasswipe,then there are at least 2 person who reads my texts,not bad.
Hope those pictures gives you "idea"to my your own armres to NV,totally costs about 20-40e,depends on how much you pay of that universal armrest model,i think everyone has junk metal pieces or can get those free somewhere.
Much nicer drive now,believe or not but there is a place now where you can rest your arm now like in "real vans"..wink,wink to factory!

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:wink:Back again..Sorry..
So its 5 years or 120tkm and Timing Belt Kit+waterpump and generator belt changing time because 5 years are now full.
97tkm in gauge and who knows what kind of "catastrophe" is waiting if not changing that on time...
Very undreliable ,cheap system to manufacturer+expensive to own(er).
Chain much better!!
Took half day in Service and total costs to me:500e,including parts+job.
Dont know how much in your Country,but thats in Finland.
Much cheaper for your money,nerves+engine than if that "snaps"=total damage and many thousand euros repairing job or new engine thanks.
This time everything was in very good condition:Timing belt,tightener,water pump and generator belt were "like new"to look and if you spinning around water pump it was tight,no leaks or no noisy at all.
You cant say if timing belt is good or bad because you cant see it when it is in engine.
You see very little backside of belt if you carefully try open that plastic safety cover so much you can but be careful to not broken cover..
One Big problem is water pump because you dont know its condition=NV has no temperature gauge,only idiot light and waterpump can also leak or get stuck=Timing belt "snaps" same time then.
We know that in "mass production cars" those pumps are not longlife quality parts($$) , mostly China made or very cheap made in Eastern Europe so they can last 10tkm,100tkm or 200tkm,who knows!
Hope i(and next owner) have now next 5years or "100tkm"without waterpump or timing belt problems.
Try put picture(s)of those old parts.
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