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Simple operation my stock unit is Bosch 7612830092 fitted to earlier cars like 2010 Qashqai
Gadget Electronic instrument Display device Rectangle Multimedia

Replaced with this...
Product Audio equipment Gadget Font Communication Device

The Dasaita website lists a Nissan adaptor but I choose the universal. You need...
CT20NS05 Harness Adapter for Navara/Qashqai
CT27AA75 Aerial/Antenna Nissan DIN Adaptor
Fakra C Adapter Plug to SMA Male GPS Antenna Extension Cable RG316 Pigtail

These allow to keep all features of car - Antenna, GPS antenna, rear view camera, and external USB and headphone output.
The only soldering required was on the stereo side KEY1 and KEY2 for Steering wheel buttons, Reverse and GND.

GND => STRG GND - This one can be connected along with other GNDs to chassis or to pin 20.
BACK => Reverse (for factory reverse camera)

Here is info for the steering wheel 3 pins STRG A, STRG B and STRG GND....

Very easy job tho expensive. Cheaper if you wiring in yourself but I wanted off-the-self.
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