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NV200 Diesel Service Interval

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Hi all, this sounds like a stupid question even as I type it, but here goes.

I have a 1/3/2016 registered NV200 90PS and cannot get a straight answer from my Nissan dealer as to what the correct service interval is. Reviews of the van say 12,500 miles (which I believe is for earlier models), my service booklet says 18,000 or 12 months (on a page that is stuck in, which I assume is to update an old version of the booklet. My dash computer told me a service was due after I'd done around 12k and at its first service the Nissan dealer told me it was at 12.5k for my model and they'd given me the wrong service booklet, the service sticker they'd put on the windscreen said 18,000!

Now at just over 24k, the dash computer is again telling me a service is due, but when I booked it in, the Nissan dealer tells me it's not due until 18,000. When pushed, they've now decided that as I do high mileage, I should do whatever the dash computer/"oil supervisor" tells me. So it is booked in for a 25k full service, at 11 months old!

It really shouldn't be this difficult! Is it 12.5k, 18k or whenever the dash comp tells me to?
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