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Oh, all our nv200's over here are 5 bolt. I don't know what the chassis code is, never bothered to look. I think all our vans have esc, and most everything does over here nowadays?

Those shoes above are raybestos brand shoes part # 1052PG. I use them in our 2015-2021 Nv200's. 2016 NISSAN NV200 2.0L L4 Brake Shoe | RockAuto

Here's a better pic, 2 of the shoes do have the pins in them for the e-brake lever.
Hair Head Hairstyle Eye White

If the drums are the same width and diameter it may be worth a shot finding these shoes?
Drum specs are
RAYBESTOS 97846R Specifications
Drum Diameter, Inside (MM)228.700
Drum Diameter, Outside (MM)265.500
Height, Overall (MM)66.400
Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (MM)114.300
Wheel Bolt Hole Diameter, Maximum (MM)13.300
Wheel Bolt Hole Diameter, Minimum (MM)12.800
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