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NV200 K9K engine question

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Hi Guys,
Wanted to ask you all for some advise.
I've just picked up a 2012 NV200 with all the "toys" installed and I thought would do the usual thing and replace the timing belt as it was due.
Had a garage sort this and the water pump out and now the engine is "hunting" every now and again and hesitating sometimes.
For the love of god, I don't remember it doing it before and I'm getting concerned.
I've given the van a good run on the motorway, thinking it might of been some crap in the engine and I've dropped the engine oil for fully synthetic as per Nissans guidelines.
I'm thinking of taking to a Nissan garage and get it hooked up to there consult system to do a diagnostic, but I wanted some pointers before I send it to the garage.
Can anyone shed some light on the subject?

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One option is to buy an OB2 tester/analyser to check out the stored fault codes in the ECM (electronic control module) I recently bought a Foxwell Automaster Pro and it picks up the OBD2 codes a treat and it can erase codes as well. One good thing I recently learned is to replace the Fuel filter every 2 to 3 years, an easy job.
Garages charge quite a lot - just to look at a vehicle, an OBD2 reader pays for itself in a relatively short time, the OBD2 socket is located behind the Card holder/ fuse panel under the drivers cup holder.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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