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Hi there

Any engineers/3D modellers/designers out there? I’m a surveyor and I have laser scanned my NV200, panel van, empty back to paint in the back except the floor and the windows I’ve added. I have a laser scan point cloud (NOT a 3D model). If you want it I’ll send it to you for £10. Note, this is not an easy to manipulate 3D model, it’s a point cloud. Raster data not vector data, there’s a lot of worked needed to make this useable for design. It’s about 300MB I think, easy transfer.

If you want to do some modelling off this data and send me something back that would be awesome - I’m just gonna do my sections off it and be done. No drama if you just want it to play around also.

Again, note this is not simple data. I’m an engineering surveyor, you need software at your end to get useable info from what I have.
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