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NV200 no spare parts

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Buyers beware.

What started as a $26,000 investment in my new business has become a fiasco. Initially motivated by the 100,000 mile five year warranty I have since lost all respect for Nissan.

Immediately I noticed the plastic front bumper paint was a slightly different color than the metal parts. This I could live with.

I ordered a rear bumper protector it has over 4 months to arrive.

In the interim someone reversed into the side door and that been on order over two months with no delivery date yet.

So I have a brand new commercial vehicle that actually impedes my business in that two of the three doors are not available for use and no spare parts are available.

I therefore asked if Nissan would take it back as a lemon but they refused. And I don’t blame them I don’t want it either. But I’m stuck.

Maurice O’ Neill
303 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ, 07666
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Yeah nissan is trash.

At around 10k miles both my sliding doors took a dump. Something got bent on them and you have to slam it to close, otherwise one of the latches won’t latch on completely and the open door light would stay on. 3 visits to the dealer, new hinges and rollers and they said it’s normal to slam the doors shut, and that it’s a cargo van not a passenger van.

Now I know that anything that comes with a long warranty probably means its a POS to begin with. Otherwise why would it need a long warranty?
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