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2021 NV200 Compact Cargo, glass-less
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I was looking at their site, too. Amazingly generous amount of detail they've put in to the van, and the site.

I am in the early planning stages of outfitting my new '21 for short trips.

I have started with the basic "must-haves":
Drawer mounted galley stove
Fold down bed/mattress
Secure storage for fishing gear
Power source/inverter
Security locks/hasps
Trailer Hitch-Mount

And a list of really wants:
Some kind of Loo
upgraded lighting
small desk/table for fly tying
Motorcycle carrier for trail bike/dirt bike

Roof rack/ladder

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I just finished my maiden voyage 2100 miles in my '21
San Antonio, TX to Santa Fe, NM and back.

29.6 mpg :)

Dometic cassette toilet - worked great $95
Trifold mattress 4 Inch $117
Narrow Twin size bed frame $99
Alpicool 15L refriger $229
Jackery 1500w power sourced I use for home $1700
Ryobi fans with battery & charger X2 $150
had a coffee pot, otherwise no cooking.
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