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Nv200 turbo pressure sensor switch

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Hi I just bought a used nv200 and the red engine management light comes on at 60 mph and stays on, the van still drives normal, but sluggish, had it checked out and the code po235 came up turbo pressure sensor switch, had a new one fitted drove spot on perfect, until the engine got hot, then the red light came on again, and a brief loss of power, when the engine went cold it runs perfect, until it gets hot again .
Has anyone experienced this problem, any advice is really appreciated
Thanks in advance
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p0235 is low boost.
Which engine?

Get a cheap OBD2 gizmo and check MAP pressure and check it goes up when under load/requesting turbo.

Could be blocked intercooler, blocked/split turbo pipe, MAP sensor, stuck/not working VNT turbo control, stuck wastegate etc.

See my blog below and search for p0235 - there is a troubleshooting guide for a TRANSIT - clearly not the same van, but the logic is there. I have no experience of NV200 yet.
PS you posted this in the e-NV200 sub forum.
I doubt the eNV200 has a turbo! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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